In the 2023-2024 school year, God has reminded us of the charge he has given us to be BOLD in living out our mission.

Striving to be BOLD includes delivering excellent programming to the students the Lord has entrusted to us. The variety of opportunities ECS offers is not covered by tuition alone. The Annual Fund ensures all of our programs are fully funded, maximizing the student experience at ECS. 

 ECS Annual Fund (unrestricted) 

An unrestricted gift to the ECS Annual Fund is our top priority as it allows leadership to direct funds wherever the need is greatest. Every ECS student benefits from the Annual Fund, and gifts of all sizes make a tremendous impact.

Will you be BOLD in your support of the ECS Annual Fund?

Jim Heinz Athletics Fund

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Named in memory of the Tennessee Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame Coach Jim Heinz, this fund will be used to support and upgrade athletic facilities on the Shelby Farms campus. Upgrades to our weight room, locker rooms, softball and soccer facilities are our top priorities and our most immediate needs. These improvements will help develop our student-athletes physically to better compete with our peer schools across the state, while also developing them spiritually in Christian discipleship offered by coaches who share Coach Heinz’s goal of building godly leaders for life.

Dee Baker Teacher Development Fund

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We often hear from our students and alumni about the lasting impact that our teachers make on their academic, social, emotional and spiritual lives. Coach Dee Baker, in whose memory this fund was established, is an example of one such teacher who greatly impacted students during his 39 years of teaching and coaching at ECS. As a way to honor Coach Baker’s legacy, the faculty development fund will help us seek, hire and retain mission-fit teachers and train them in ongoing professional development to pursue excellence both inside and outside of the classroom.

Fine Arts Fund 

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The ECS Fine Arts department is one of the most recognized programs in the region, having won Most Outstanding awards in a competitive field of both public and private schools in the following categories at the 2023 Orpheum’s High School Musical Theater Awards: Most Outstanding Director, Most Outstanding Large Ensemble, Most Outstanding Choreography and Most Outstanding Chorus. In order to continue to offer our students the best Fine Arts experience possible, we need to upgrade our chapel with better lighting, sound and prop/set storage. In our effort to offer the most well-rounded fine arts program, we also need to create new visual arts spaces, including a pottery studio, to accommodate growing demand.

Security Fund

Student safety is at the forefront of every parent’s mind in today’s world. Under the experienced guidance of Security Directors Mike and Lora Strauss, ECS has made significant strides over the last two years to ensure that both of our campuses are more secure than ever before. The security fund will allow us to continue to upgrade significant items such as fencing, gates, security software, cameras, door control access and armed personnel.

The Annual Fund is made possible through the generosity and sacrificial giving of our community. Like all gifts we receive, we observe donations as evidence of God’s goodness and faithfulness toward the mission of ECS. 

Will you join us in being BOLD in your support of the ECS Annual Fund and help us maximize these programs to benefit our students?

Thank you so much for your investment in the mission of ECS to provide the Christian family a Christ-centered, biblically directed education that challenges students to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, leadership and service to others. We are truly grateful for your partnership as we seek to build students for life.





ECS is accredited from the following organizations:


ECS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), a Christian organization that holds Christ-centered nonprofits accountable while also offering valuable insight and resources for exercising responsible stewardship. ECFA holds seven standards of responsibility                  of stewardship that ECS strives to meet on a daily basis. 

Director of Annual Fund

“As a longtime ECS parent and host of the ECS Equip podcast, I am excited to now join ECS as the Director of the Annual Fund. I consider it a privilege to help ECS continue its unique mission of providing Christian families in the Memphis area a Christ-centered, biblically directed education.”

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Since 1968, I have been a student, graduate, parent, board member, and a grandparent. In all of these roles, I have seen and continue to see God using Christian education to impact the lives of thousands of students. Christian education is a solid foundation to teach biblical principles in all subjects so that these students will apply them in their lives.

The student who has had a Christian education is a person who has been taught to have a Christian worldview in all areas of life. Furthermore, they have been taught how to critically think and analyze their lives so that they may live in a way pleasing to God based on His Word. A biblically directed, Christ-centered education is the very best way to be taught Truth because God’s Word is Truth.

It is for these reasons that my wife and I continue to financially support ECS. As we watch what is happening today in public education, Christian education is taking on an increasing importance every day. I can personally attest that a financial investment in ECS will pay enormous dividends because there is not any better investment than to give an education grounded in God’s Truth to our children.

Scot Gardner (‘77)

Former ECS Board Member
Father of two ECS graduates
Grandfather of four ECS students