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Joi Taylor (ECS 2013) Speaks Before the House Ed Committee
Joi Taylor (ECS 2013) Speaks Before the House Ed Committee

Joi Taylor spoke before the House Education Committee.

On March 27, Joi Taylor (ECS 2013) had the opportunity to speak before the House Education Committee regarding the Education Savings Account Bill (Voucher Education Plan) and to share a part of her story. Quoting New Hope Christian Academy (Joi is a 2007 New Hope grad):

"There is power in opportunity. A chance to rewrite your family history. A chance to blaze a path for the generations to come...That's what going to an independent school provided for me. New Hope instilled in me the importance of hard work and servant leadership. Teaching me to dream bigger of what my future could actually hold. Evangelical Christian School taught me academic discipline. It stretched me beyond measure preparing me for college. Providing extracurricular activities that push your thinking and challenge your worldview. I graduated from the University of Memphis Magna Cum Laude with a degree in social work. While a lot of factors play into why I was able to accomplish something so wonderful, the truth of the matter is that I couldn't have done it without the foundation these schools laid for me. I wasn't going get these opportunities without these independent schools, and I want more students who are just like me, who come from similar socioeconomic backgrounds to get a chance to break the chains of poverty. I'm advocating for kids to have the experience I had. To have a chance to rewrite their families outcome."

(Pictured here with Rep. Jerry Sexton who complimented Joi on her testimony during the meeting. Photo credited to The Tennessee Star)

Watch Joi share her full speech by clicking here (video is near the bottom of the article, and Joi's speech starts at the one-hour fifty-two minute mark.) Joi was also quoted in the Daily Memphian.

Congratulations, Joi!


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