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Welcome, ECS Alumni!

Thank you for visiting our ECS website. We are grateful to have engaged alumni who are passionate about our community and generously offer their resources to continue the school's traditions and legacy.

Alumni play a huge role in making ECS all that it is, and we invite you to visit our campuses and participate in upcoming events. There are many opportunities to volunteer and give back to ECS.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions about anything alumni related, contact Trey Adams, Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations (tadams@ecseagles.com), or Karen Jamison, Community/Alumni Relations (kjamison@ecseagles.com).

Please take a moment to complete the short form below the list of events so we can update you on all things ECS!

Submit your information today to help us keep up with our over 4000 alumni!

Mark Brink/Art at ECS Photos


ECS Alumni Facebook

All ALUMNI! If you are interested in obtaining an ECS Alumni Home Event Pass, please email Karen Jamison.


Purpose of
Alumni Council

The ECS Alumni Council exists to develop and deepen on-going relationships with ECS alumni. The Council seeks to encourage alumni to stay connected to the ECS community, to be involved in and promote the events and programs of the school,to give ECS top consideration in choosing schools for their children, and to give back both financially and with their talents in a way that enriches the ECS experience for everyone.

Current Council Members

Kevin Weaver – 1978
Rob Jamison – 1979
Jamie Hill –1983
KathleenKizer– 1989
Clay Scott –1992
Britton Wilkins – 1992 (Vision 20/20 alumni liaison)
Gary Hinson –1995
Stacey White – 1998
Amy Edge – 1999
Nicole Lamberth Martin – 2001
DraceTigert– 2003
Abby Spann –2005
Kelly Irvine – 2007
Kyle Cummins – 2007
Mary Taylor Edwards – 2008
TerenceStringfellow– 2009
DanielVanderSteeg– 2010
Chandler Gagnon – 2011
Anna Kaspar– 2011



Nathan Collums (ECS 1996) at left and his wife, Kristin (front row, far right), recently hosted a group of ECS alumni in their home in Birmingham. Enjoying a great time together, (front row) Mary Pittman, Alexis Amann, Meredith Wright, Lee Ellen Stanley, and (back row) Caroline Simmons, Preston Parrish, Christian Rosenberger, John Christian Hunt, Cameron Dobbins, and Caleb Person.