Congratulations to the ECS Class of 2021. Click each photo to read words of encouragement for these seniors from ECS faculty and staff.



Andrew Agapos
Gracie Ruth Allen
Will Arthur
Blake Barnett
Daniel Basye
Abbie Berry
Emma Grace Blythe
Bailey Bowden
Dominic Brown
Ruthie Burgess
Katelyn Bush
Samantha Campos
Breanna Coleman
Charlie Crosby
Eva Daughhetee
Lindsey Davis
Grace Evans
Billy Ford
Landis Foy
Ashley Galloway
Heather Galloway
Emma Gammill
Robert Gates
Ben Gray
Emma Grigson
Luke Harris
Jacob Hatcher
Joshua Hibbler
Wyatt Higginbotham
Sam Holland
Brady Holloway
Audrey Hutchins
Sarah Johnson
Kameron Jones
Anna Grace King
Thomas Kizer
Kanny Kumtor
Kut Kut
Joshua Kute
Tancie Lewis
Ellen Lyle
Warner McCrary
Sarah Grace McCullough
Peter Nearn
Parker Norris
Laura Olive
Dietrick Pennington
Ethan Perkins
Parker Pittman
Luke Pleban
Lillie Robinson
Branden Rogers
Brett Ross
Brooke Sain
Shea Sain
Cristian Salazar
Jonathan Sanders
Anise Sharp
Skye Shoaff
Reese Simpson
Nora Smith
Audrey Sneed
Jack Stephens
Taylor Tunstall
Michael Stoker
Jake Vargo
Carlton Webster
Paul Whittington
Meg Williams
Chris Wiseman


Three of ECS’ Top Scholars in the class of 2021 join Equip podcast to share how ECS has shaped and challenged them in so many ways over the years. Lindsey Davis, Anise Sharp and Jonathan “Teddy” Sanders celebrate their favorite memories and experiences, reflect on how the pandemic set the stage of a unique senior year, and they look forward to opening their next big chapter in life as they prepare to close this one.