Parenting is hard.

That’s why as a part of our mission to partner with parents means that we come alongside our parents and equip them with biblical resources for the journey ahead. In our Parenting with Parents Speaker Series, we host well known Christian speakers such as David Thomas who spoke on “3 Things Kids Need from Parents” and Dr. Tim Kimmel who spoke on “Grace-Based Parenting.” Each of them shared their advice to encourage parents in the trenches of discipling the next generation in Christ. 

Also Head of School Braxton Brady encourages parents to take advantage of time with our children to disciple them in the Lord in his Family Discipleship Video Series. In this first video, he offers three simple steps to help your family grow and seek Jesus together.  


Mr. Brady continues the Family Discipleship Video Series. In Week 2, he shares easy steps to teach your children biblical truths so that they may learn how to apply God’s Word to all of life.  


In Week 3 of the Family Discipleship Video Series, Mr. Brady encourages you and your family to champion service as a Christ-centered gospel response to our faith.  


In this fourth Family Discipleship Video, Mr. Brady shares why it is so important to commit to the process of discipling children, and he offers simple steps to make sure children are ready for life when they leave for college. 


In this fifth and final installment of the Family Discipleship Video series, Mr. Brady talks about an often forgotten role of a parent these days - to be the Chief Memory Maker for your family. Make the most of the time you have with your children, and engage them in fun activities to create memories they will cherish forever.