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Parent Teacher Fellowship

Sometimes known as PTA or PTO at other schools, our parent organization is called PTF for Parent Teacher Fellowship. PTF is designed to support our students, teachers, staff, administration, and other families within the community, and not simply as a fundraising group. It is a family led organization so that all parents can participate in supporting, encouraging, and praying for all involved at ECS. The first meeting is the most important to attend, if possible! Great information is shared about events throughout the year as well as volunteer opportunities.

How can parents get involved?

Opportunities to serve provide connecting points throughout the ECS community! Serving alongside other parents, teachers, and students creates strong partnerships between school and family. There are more than 400 volunteer opportunities from Jr. K – 12 each year, including classroom activities, uniform sales, Dog Days, Moms in Touch, school-wide events, service projects, new parent coffees, teacher appreciation weeks, field trips…and more!

2017-2018 PTF Calendar

PTF Minutes

Shelby Farms PTF Meeting

October19, 2017

President, Lucy Forrester opened in prayer

Devotional was given by Kathryn Naifeh

Kathryn encouraged us in God’s Word by discussing the power of the Holy Spirit inside of us as believers. We often leave this power untapped. An analogy using an australian shepherd was used to describe the function of the Holy Spirit. The australian shepherd’s natural instinct is to heard, protect, warn, and desire a close relationship with it’s owner. So also the Holy Spirit’s role is to protect, warn, guide, comfort and draw us close to Him. The Holy Spirit will always guide us and nudge us, but will never override our free will. Our job is to seek the Lord, spend time in prayer and reading God’s Word. The Spirit is given to us not just for our own needs, but also for service unto others in order to give glory to God. Hebrews 9:14, Mark 10:45 and 1 Peter 1:12.

New Family Coordinators: Kathryn Naifeh reported that informational “parties” have been scheduled in host homes next Sunday, October 22nd for Christ Methodist Day School and the following Sunday October 29th for Presbyterian Day School. These are times for rising 6th grade families to get to know ECS and have opportunities to ask questions and see what our school is all about.

There has been an exciting spin-off for grade prayer groups. 7th-12th grades each have individual class prayer times. Moms in Prayer also conducted a time of prayer on campus, praying through the halls and classrooms and teachers’ desks. Many teachers expressed how meaningful this was for them to see that happening.

Dance Committee: Cindy Hyneman reported that Homecoming was a success. Ticket sales were the same as last year. The newly implemented breathalyzer system went smoothly with 100% students passing. Students did not mind being tested. Dance profits around $1,000.

Winter Formal - change the date from Friday, December 15 to Saturday, December 2nd so that all students have the opportunity to attend. ( Dec 15th, Varsity boys basketball in Murray, KY;) Venue changed from Hippo exhibit to Teton Trek.

Prom: Ean Colley reported that she has good volunteers who have signed up to help - Venue is at the Racquet Club. Theme is “Masquerade” and the band and DJ search is in progress.

Fundraising: Alise Davis reported City Saver Coupon Books raised $4,055. It was decided to give MS principal, Ben Burgess $1,500 to assist with possible field trips and experimental learning activities.

Treasurer: Lucy Forrester reported for Terri Daniels.

New Family Dinners were a positive event and $500 was added to the PTF budget to allow the continuation of these events for new families.

$1,169 given to MS for PE equipment from last year’s Dodgeball tournament fundraiser. Money was used to buy Pickle ball sets.

Breathalyzer Screenings were added to the budget. $500 per dance, ($2,000 per year). Discussed having each senior class leave a portion of their school gift money to pay for the following year’s breathalyzer expense. Upcoming classes are smaller and may not be able to afford the additional costs. Also discussed Seniors paying class dues in order to help costs of dances.

Hospitality: Angela Tartera reported all was going well.

Teacher Appreciation: Mindy Wiseman reported the two Teacher Treat days went well with plenty of food and volunteers. Christmas luncheon is coming up.

Two more volunteers are needed for next year’s committee- preferably MS moms who will be here for several more years.

Dog Day: First time all grades were in the same lunch. Discussed limiting cookies 2 per person because middle school kids were buying them all and re-selling them for profit.

Head Grade Moms:

6th: April Seay reported luncheon fairly attended. 29/36 families have paid dues. She is planning a “come if you can” lunch at Newks for any moms that were not able to attend the luncheon.

7th: Cindy Garrison is new Head Grade mom . Luncheon went well and was well attended- approx 20 moms.

8th: Kari Smith reported BTS luncheon was well attended.

9th: Donna Whittington reported BTS luncheon well attended. Collected 2/3rds of dues. Plans to contact individuals by mail with a return/stamped envelope.

10th: Allison Theford reported about 15 moms attended luncheon. 70/93 families have paid dues.

11th: Susan Bowen reported lacking approximately 20 dues. She is sending reminder emails. BTS luncheon good attendance

12th: Gwen Rowland reported over half the class attended BTS luncheon. 31 families still needing to pay dues. Personal emails being sent out as reminders.


PTF general meeting Friday, November 10th. Operation Christmas Child shoe box packing day. 8am-10am.

Genius Sign-up sheet will be emailed. This is a special way to not only get gifts sent to so many children, but also to get the gospel out, which is the real GIFT!

Uniform Consignment: need coordinator

Senior Dance Coordinator for next year still needed. The class of 2020, currently sophomore moms, has dance coordinators of Joy Madison and Misty Whitehorn.