Football Camp Options:

  • Skill Development Camp - June 6-8, 6-8pm, for rising 1st-9th - $75
  • Big Man Camp (OL/DL) - June 19-20, 6-8pm, for rising 3rd-9th grade - $55
  • Specialists (Kickers, Snappers, Holders) - June 21-22, 6-8pm, for rising 3rd-9th grade - $55
  • Technique Development (Fundamentals of Blocking/Tackling) - July 11-13, 6-8pm, for rising 3rd-9th grade - $75

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Evangelical Christian School of Memphis, Inc., (ECS) is allowing my child to practice and/or compete on its athletic fields and/or facilities. I do hereby assume full responsibility for any and all damages, injuries (including death), or losses that my child may sustain or incur, if any, while attending, practicing, participating or witnessing in any exercise program, sport or physical activity occurring in or about the ECS premises. I hereby assume full risk, waive all claims and release and hold ECS, its employees, officers and directors, individually or otherwise, harmless for any and all claims for injuries or damages.

I am fully aware and understand that ECS does not have on or about ECS’ premises, or employ or contract with any medical services, provisions for ordinary or emergency medical services.

In consideration of my child’s use of the ECS’ facilities, I hereby release and covenant not to sue ECS, its directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, and lessees from any and all claims resulting from any physical injury that may occur to my child while participating in any program or event on ECS facilities.

In order that my son/daughter may receive the necessary medical treatment in the event he/she may sustain injury or illness during PARTICIPATION in this activity, I hereby authorize the coach or other supervising adult to obtain medical treatment for my child for such injury or illness incurred during the activity.

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