ECS Student Parking Space Application

Student Information

Vehicle Information

Lot Selection (Spots are assigned based on availability. Lot preference cannot be guaranteed.)


Permits cost $55.00 for the entire year and $27.50 for applications submitted after Christmas Break. Payment will be billed via SMART Tuition once application is processed.

Student Parking Information & Agreement

Any student driving a vehicle to school on a regular basis must complete the ECS Student Parking Space Application to purchase a parking permit/tag. SMART accounts will be billed once the application is received. Seniors will be given first priority to select their preferred parking lot. Remaining available spaces will then be distributed to underclassmen on a first-come-first-serve basis. Tags will be distributed the first week of school for submissions over the summer. Tags applied for during the school year will be available in the Upper School office within five days of receiving completed application. All students are required to have parking permit/tags displayed in their vehicles by the end of the second week of school. Permit/tags are for specific numbered spaces located on the paved areas on campus. The permit/tag entitles the student to an assigned space only, and the permit/tag # must correspond to the number on the space. Parking permit/tags must be prominently displayed on the rear view mirror. During the school year, if the student drives a vehicle different from the registered vehicle, he will need to transfer the permit/tag to the vehicle being parked on campus. If he changes vehicles in the middle of the school year, he must report the new vehicle information to the office. Parking/driving tickets can and will be issued for the following reasons: 1-Parking without a displayed permit/tag; 2-Parking in a space not corresponding with the permit/tag on the vehicle; 3-Parking in an area that is not a designated parking space; 4-Parking in a space not designated for students;and 5-Speeding or careless driving. Fines of $15 will be assessed for the violations stated above and will be paid through SMART Tuition. Late fees of $5 per week will be added to the fine up to a maximum of $30 per fine. A student’s on-campus parking privilege may be suspended or removed for excessive parking/driving violations. All students purchasing parking permit/tags must acknowledge they have read and understand the Student Parking Information and Agreement by clicking the appropriate box below.


I hearby acknowledge that both I and my student have read the Student Parking Information & Agreement and agree to abide by them. I also acknowledge ECS is not responsible for damage to my vehicle or for the loss of personal items in my vehicle due to theft, accident, or any other reason.