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Braxton Brady, Head of Upper School
Jana Johnson, Assistant to Head
Mindy Tansey, US/Attendance Secretary
Jonas Rodriguez, Athletic Director
Janie Peeler, Athletics Assistant
Rebecca LeTellier, College Placement Counselor
Dona Welch, Academic Counselor
Allison Thetford, Guidance Registrar

School Hours: 7:40am - 2:40pm
Office Hours: 7:15am - 3:15pm


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Late Start Wednesdays

Note: Late Start Wednesdays begin at 8:30am for students.

September 26

November 7

February 13

April 24

US English Required Text 2018-2019

US Science Required Text 2018-2019

Biology and Honors Biology: Evolution Impossible: 12 Reasons Why Evolution Cannon Explain the Origins of Life on Earth by John Ashton

AP Biology: Darwin's Doubt by Stephen Meyer

Chemistry and Honors Chemistry: The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel

Physics and Honors Pysics: More Than Meets the Eye by Richard A. Swenson, M.D.

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Defensive Driver Info


Drivers: There are 2 parts to this training: general defensive driver training and training specifically for 15 passenger vans. Use the links below to watch the Flash-based videos, then use the related link to take the on line quiz. At the end of each quiz print out the course completion certificate. Turn both certificates in to your branch secretary or, in the case of administrative staff, to the maintenance secretary.

15 Passenger Van Training Video

15 Passenger Van Training Quiz

Defensive Driver Training Video

Defensive Driver Training Quiz

All volunteer driversmust have a background check on file (Background Check Disclosure) with the school. If one is not on file, please complete and submit thisa uthorization.

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