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From the Principal

The educational program at Evangelical Christian School is Christ-centered and seeks to direct the process of learning and spiritual development toward God’s objectives for the individual student, challenging them to know, love and serve God – the source of all truth, goodness and beauty.

ECS educates students in light of the Gospel in a comprehensive and rigorous educational program pressed through Scripture. The academic mission aims to create a culture that is passionate about learning and prepares students not only for collegiate success, but success in life as competent and spiritually mature men and women who interact in society as responsible and respectful citizens, leaders, and servants.

Teachers are spiritually mature and professionally prepared to work with students in areas of responsibility and ministry that maximize their expertise, gifts, interests and passions. Faculty members communicate truth with a knowledge and understanding of the impact on students – an influence that reaches far beyond the classroom, science lab, art room, theater, or athletic venue.

The following priorities have a predominant effect on sustaining the ECS mission: a mobilized prayer base that continually upholds the people and program in prayer; a dynamic learning atmosphere that echoes the clear call of Scripture to love one another; a proper view of Jesus Christ, as God incarnate, that is communicated consistently and clearly to the school’s constituents; a firm position upholding the Bible as God's inspired, eternal and absolute Word; a relational learning community that is seen as vital and indispensable; and finally, a profound faith in Christ which translates into action, recognizing the truth that “faith without works is empty.”

Do Hard Things.

Mr. Barrett M. Luketic
Upper School Principal