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Crosscheck Basketball

Practice schedule for the Crosscheck and ESCRA teams.

Listed below are the rosters for the 1st-5th grade Basketball teams. Please click the team name to view the roster.

Girls 1st-2nd Grade Cross Check. Coach Lawrence Schedule

Girls 3rd-4th Grade Cross Check. Coach Regel Schedule

Girls 3rd-4th ESCRA team. Coach Lyle Schedule

Girls 5th Grade Cross Check. Coach Peterson

Boys 1st-2nd Grade Cross Check Coach Rogers Schedule

Boys 3rd Grade Cross Check Coach Wood Schedule

Boys 4th Grade Cross Check Coach Orcholski Schedule

Boys 2nd-3rd Grade ESCRA team. Coach Colley/Coach Graves Schedule

Boys 5th Grade Cross Check. Coach Johnson

If you are on a Cross Check team, please go to www.graceathletics.org to register for your team. Please look for your team name and coaches name to make sure you are registering for the correct team.

If you are on an ESCRA team there is no need for you to register anywhere at this time.

Lower School Basketball Registration Form

Please contact Tommy Danner for more information.

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