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ECS Hall of Honor

In the 2012-13 school year, the ECS Hall of Honor was instituted. Hebrews 11:39a, "These were commended for their faith," is the basis for the Hall of Honor. The criteria for being recommended includes ten years association with the school, significant contributions made to ECS and its programs, a servant's heart, ministry to others, being committed to the mission of ECS, and loving and connecting with students and faculty/staff. Recipients are usually those associated with the athletic programs at ECS.

The Hall of Honor committee is made up of the upper, middle, and lower school Athletic Directors, a male and female faculty member, and a male and a female alumnus. Former Athletic Director, John Roelofs, is the chairman of the committee.

There were five inductees in the first class. Since then three honorees have been inducted each year. The inductees are presented with a plaque entitled Hebrews 11 Hall of Honor along with the year inducted and the list of the inductees. The Hebrews 11:39a verse is below the names. The inductees' names are also inscribed on a black plate on the north archway of Legends Field.

Those who have served on the past selection committees as well as those who have been awarded a place in the Hall of Honor by year are listed:

2012-13 Committee Members: Geoff Walters-AD, John Roelofs-MS-AD, Charlie Crunk – LS-AD, Male Alumni –Kevin Weaver, Female Alumni – Mandy Payne, Male faculty – Dee Baker, Female faculty- Karen Jamison

2012-2013 Inductees: John Roelofs, Kevin Weaver, Debbie Giltner, Steve Collums, Garry Butler

2013-14 Committee Members: Geoff Walters – AD, John Roelofs – MS – AD, Charlie Crunk – LS – AD, Male Alumni – Terry Rooker, Female Alumni – Lynne Rooker, Male faculty – Mark Brink, Female faculty – Gail Moore

2013-2014 Inductees: Jim Heinz, Dee Baker, Mickey Bowdon

2014-15 Committee Members: Geoff Walters – AD, John Roelofs – MS-AD, Male faculty – LS-AD-Charlie Crunk, Male Alumni – Noah Brink, Female Alumni – Kelly Irvine, Male faculty – Alan Durham, Female faculty – Tracey Bravos

2014-2015 Inductees: Cathy Jobe, Ron Ring, Alan Durham

2015-16 Committee Members: Geoff Walters – AD, John Roelofs – MS- AD, Male faculty – Dee Baker, LS – AD – Jason Saunier, Female faculty – Debbie Giltner, Male Alumni- Bill Edwards, Female Alumni – Aynne Swindell

2015- 2016 Inductees: Dr. Larry Edwards, Larry Pegrim, Janie Peeler

This year's committee members were Tommy Danner, Athletic Director,;John Roelofs, Director of Athletics Discipleship; Daniel Holmes, Middle Sschool Athletic Director; Jason Saunier, Lower School Athletic Director; Mark Brink, male faculty member; Dee Stubblefield, female faculty member; Paul Vander Zwaag, male alumnus; and Janie Peeler, female alumna. The new inductees were Bill Doss, Jeff Hill, and Tommy Danner. The plaques were recently presented along with tributes to each.