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Instrumental Music

The ECS instrumental music program inspires students to create, perform, and respond to their spiritual gifts and talents through individual musicianship and ensemble performances. Students are challenged to master music principles and connect musical expression to other disciplines and God’s creation. We encourage students to take initiative in their musicianship in developing soft skills from time management and problem solving to team building and servant leadership. Student musicians will have opportunities to audition and perform in regional events, travel with performing groups, and develop lasting friendships while enrolled in instrumental music courses. 

“Band is a funny thing. While you’re in it life happens. You will have successes that the band will celebrate with you and times when it’s all going wrong, but the band is still there pushing you on, helping you to recover. Band is more than a group of students, it’s a community.”
current student

"“Band is more than a class - it is the common pursuit among a group of people to create something worthy of admiration, to uplift the downtrodden and society in general by creating something beautiful for both others and themselves to enjoy. In the process they become a family.”current student

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Courses Offered in Instrumental Music

High School Band

The High School Band is the primary performing group comprised of student musicians grades 9-12. Students in this group perform in the pep band, host 2-3 concerts, and participate in regional events and musical auditions. Two years of prior musical experience is required to join as a member of this group. 

Middle School Band

The Middle School Band is comprised of Beginning Band students from 6th grade and Intermediate Band students from 7th and 8th Grade. Beginning Band members learn the fundamentals of their instruments, basic rhythms, and performance skills. Intermediate Band students further develop their musicianship as they perform together and dive deeper into rhythms, tone development, and music theory. 

Praise Band

The Praise Band includes members from grades 9-12 who wish to lead the student body in worship during chapel. We welcome vocalists, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drumset, and bass guitar players.


Lower School Instrumental Offerings

  • 3rd Graders:  Flutophones
  • 4th Graders:  Recorders
  • 5th Graders:  Ukuleles
  • Group or private lessons in piano, harp, voice, and ukulele
  • Band Instruments are offered as an enrichment class.

Julian Henderson
Band Director

Awards Earned by ECS Instrumental Music Students - 2022-2023

Solo & Ensemble

  • 11 Superior
  • 2 Excellent

All West

  • 1 Participant 9-10 Red Jazz Band
  • 1 Participant 11-12 Red Band