In Digital Arts, ECS offers classes in Video Production, Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Advanced Digital Arts. Each course is a one-semester class that teaches artistic and technical skills using Adobe Creative Suite programs and classroom iMacs and Macbook Pros. These classes are designed to teach students to examine the relationships between our technical and creative sides while learning artistic composition and interpretation through digital media.

The goal of the ECS Digital Arts curriculum is to challenge students to become more aware of the world around them and the many different ways in which they can be creative as they make the connection that technology and creativity go hand-in-hand.

Maddy Stolnicki (ECS 2018) was awarded the high honor of Regional winner for Pinnacle Banks for this impressive photograph which was displayed in several venues around Memphis.


Video Production

The Video Production class is an introduction to the art of videography and is designed to give students a basic overview of the entire film and video production process, from start to finish. Students can expect to learn about directing, producing, filming and editing, in addition to more technical aspects such as camera operation and lighting.

Course Objective:  This is a fun class that promotes teamwork and service to our school through video projects that highlight the unique ECS educational environment.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design class is an introduction to the field of graphic design. Students will learn the fundamentals of design and how to effectively use those design elements in various projects. These projects may include posters, brochures, print ads, and computer graphics. Students will gain a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign using classroom iMacs and Macbook Pros.

Course Objective:  To create in new ways. To examine the relationship between our technical and creative sides, while learning artistic composition and interpretation through design.

Digital Photography

This class is an introduction to Digital Photography and will focus on the beginning principles of composition as well as basic camera functions and techniques, which will be taught through a variety of projects and classwork. Students will also learn basic editing commands and procedures using the Adobe Photoshop software. This software will be taught using Macbooks and iMacs in the classroom.

Course Objective:  To help students view their everyday surroundings in new ways, to look further than what is evident at first glance, and to become more aware of the world around them and God’s presence in it, while learning artistic composition and interpretation through photography.

Advanced Digital Arts

Advanced Digital Arts is a continuation of instruction in our three digital arts courses. It is intended for students who have taken Digital Photography, Graphic Design, or Video Production previously and would like to continue to advance their knowledge in those subjects. Students should possess a strong desire to further their talents in these fields of study and should be able to work independently and dependably.

Course Objective:  To support school digital needs while furthering knowledge in the areas of video, photography, and graphic design. To strengthen abilities to work independently and dependably, while serving practical needs and applications within our school.


Digital Photography students have been awarded numerous Gold Key, Silver Key and
Honorable Mentions in the annual Mid-South Regional Scholastic Art Competition
throughout the time this class has been offered.

Kelly Smith
Digital Arts Teacher; Chapel Facility/Tech Manager