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The ECS Choral Department exists to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Through our study of the beauty of music, the pursuit of good technique, and the foundations of music theory, we strive to understand more of the character of God and manifest His goodness in both rehearsal and performance. 


“Choir was an enriching experience for me. I had a great time with my friends and really learned a lot about music, others, and myself. It really was beautiful seeing the process of our different voices intertwining into a song. Miss Brown expanded my concept of music and the voice. I saw myself sing like I never imagined I would and learn how our voices work. Miss Brown not only proved to be an excellent vocal teacher, but she also cared deeply and sincerely for her students. I had a blast in this class and I’m really thankful for that experience. I strongly recommend the choir program at ECS!”

             Sam, Class of ‘20


“When I walk in the door, I leave all my worries behind me. Choir is one of the most rewarding endeavors that I have ever experienced. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to join the choir and be a part of our wonderful family!”

            Ben, ECS senior

“Being a part of choir was such a fun and growing experience for me. It’s where I made some new friends, developed different skills, and had fun while learning. One of the best lessons Miss Brown taught us is that music is meant to be shared. This reminded me of the importance of using the gifts and talents God gives us, and it allowed the class to have such an inclusive environment. Knowing that we had such a caring and loving teacher also helped this class be a safe place to make mistakes and grow from them. There’s nothing like hearing our voices come together and seeing how much we progress through time. I will always be thankful for the memories and friendships I made through the program.”

                   Anna, Class of ‘20

ECS choirs have consistently been recognized in the MTVMEA Choral Festival for both sight reading and performance receiving Excellent and Superior ratings. Members of the ECS choirs are also active in the All West Honor Choir auditions with representatives participating in the final choir. 

Ensembles and Opportunities

Middle School Grade Level Choirs

In Middle School there are grade level choirs available in 7th and 8th grade. These groups cover the fundamentals of singing while learning a variety of choral music genres. 

Concert Choir

The combined High School choir provides opportunities to begin or continue student’s interest in music. Building on the foundations of good singing, this group dives deeper into world of choral music singing a variety of music and performing at campus events. 


This contemporary a capella choir is an auditioned ensemble. As representatives of the school, Flight performs on campus and around the Memphis area including the prestigious BCHS A Capella Invitational. The members of Flight also sing in Concert Choir to ensure a more well-rounded education and experience.



Music plays a big part in our Lower School curriculum. All grade levels participate in music classes. Several programs are presented throughout the year. 

GO Choir, an auditioned group for 2nd-3rd graders prepares for performances of Christmas music, the National Anthem at sports events and patriotic music as they GO and sing for others. 


Emily Hale
US/MS Choral Director

Paula Threlkeld
Lower School Music/Drama Teacher

Maria Thomas
Lower School Music Teacher