Starting a new school can be daunting for children. Laura remembered, “We were all a little nervous on the first day of a new school, but after that first day, there has been so much excitement about school. My children didn’t feel like the ‘new kids’ in class. They felt included and welcomed by their teachers, faculty and classmates.”

Laura and Tim appreciate how intentional ECS is about teaching their children about the Lord while also teaching them academically. Laura said, “You can tell that the teachers and staff are passionate and enjoy what they are doing. It really carries over into the kids and the school. When they get in the car, they talk the whole way home about how fun their day was.”

With COVID restrictions, it was perhaps a particularly unusual year to be a new student because so many normal practices like having lunch and recess with several classes and hosting events for parents to get to know each other were prohibited. Everyone’s expectations changed, and parents became even more grateful for the little things.

Tim said, “I know this year was challenging with COVID. We feel like ECS handled it so well. All four of our children were able to stay in school all year which was such a blessing for them. We are so thankful that they were able to learn with their peers and teachers in a classroom.”

Laura concluded, “Eli, Lucy, Anna and Jonathan have had a great year at ECS. They have learned so much more than what they could get out of their textbooks. They have gained a biblical perspective on things while learning their curriculum. When I drop them off at school, I know my children are being loved, taught, and discipled by their teachers. We are excited to watch them grow up and see what the Lord has in store for them at ECS.”