Tuition Assistance Information

To apply for a grant parents/guardians must submit a completed online FACTS application along with all required supporting financial documents to FACTS.  


November 1 – FACTS begins accepting tuition grant applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Applications are not considered complete until all the required supporting documents have been uploaded to FACTS. Documents must be uploaded in a PDF format. The upload button is in the top right corner of your FACTS online application.  After FACTS receives all documents, their verification process takes approximately 7-14 days. It would be best to upload all documents by January 5 to meet the January 19 deadline.

Required Supporting Documents for both parents/guardians: 2019 IRS Form 1040 or equivalent and all supporting tax schedules; FORM W-2 for both parents; and supporting documentation for Social Security income, welfare payments, child support payments, food stamps, workers’ compensation payments, and Temporary Assistance to Needy Family (TANF) payments. Additional documentation is required if you own a business or farm. 

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment
Parent Help Line 1-866-441-4637

If you do not have ready access to a computer, please contact our Admissions Office which will arrange for you to use a computer in their office. We are here to assist you through this process in any way we can.

January 19 – Deadline to be considered in the initial round of tuition grant awards.  Families must have completed their online FACTS application and FACTS must have received and verified all required supporting documents. Please remember that FACTS' verification process takes approximately 7-14 days.

Mid to late February - First round notifications of tuition grants will be emailed from FACTS to families who met the above deadline and are in good standing with the Business Office.  Please remember that a family cannot receive a grant until ECS has received their enrollment contract and FACTS has completed their assessment of the application. 

Late March-Based on availability of remaining tuition grant funds and class seat availability, second round notifications of tuition grants will be emailed from FACTS.

To receive special consideration in the event that you cannot meet these deadlines, you must contact the business office BEFORE January 19. You can call 901-754-7217 or email to discuss your exception.