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Our Commitment to Affordability and a Quality Christian Education

Parents understand that an ECS education is an investment in their children’s present and future. We are committed to offering a quality education for the whole child – academically, socially, athletically, creatively and spiritually –  at an affordable price. Tuition assistance is available for those who qualify.


Tuition Information

Important Dates for Tuition Assistance:

  • September 1 – FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment portal opens to begin accepting tuition grant applications.
  • December 1 – Deadline to complete the online FACTS application and upload supporting documents.  




Vision, Intentionality & Gospel-Focus Led the Franco Family to ECS

Christian family, diversity, admissions

Wil and Lylli Franco moved to the Memphis area from the northwest suburbs of Chicago when Wil took the Lead Pastor position at Mission Church (formerly Highpoint Church). When they moved, Leanna, their older daughter, attended a local public school, and Alyssia, their younger daughter, was enrolled in PDO of a local church. Both girls started at ECS during the 2020-2021 school year when Leanna was in second grade and Alyssia was in junior kindergarten. Currently, the girls are in fifth grade and second grade, respectively.

What made you decide that ECS was the right place for your children’s education?

Once the pandemic hit, we were questioning the education systems’ decisions and education format. We had an opportunity to meet with Braxton and the principal, and we fell in love with their vision for education, intentionality of discipleship, and focus on the gospel.

In what ways did the Lord confirm your decision to send your children to ECS?

We had several conversations about public education vs. private education. While we believe there are benefits to both, for our kids, we saw the benefit of private education. We talked with our oldest about the transition and option and really left it up to the Lord to confirm if it was the right choice. Within a week, we were all in unity around starting ECS, and it has been such a blessing to our children and to us.

Christian family, diversity, admissions

What has the transition to ECS been like for your children and for you as parents? 

The transition was wonderful for our girls. When we moved from Chicago to Memphis, Leanna cried the first week of her new school. When we were starting ECS, I was worried that she would have the same reaction. When she got into the car after pickup and I asked how her day was, she exclaimed, ‘That was the best first day ever!’ The Lord has given us that gift each year since, and I’ve been so thankful!

How has the ECS community embraced you? How have your children felt embraced by ECS students and teachers?

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We believe that our children have made a great transition into the ECS family. The teachers and faculty have been so incredibly welcoming. They all have gone out of their way to not only make our daughters feel seen and cared for, but to come alongside us as parents as co-laborers in the discipleship of our children. We as a family have felt both embraced and supported.

What do each of your children like most about ECS? What do you like/value most about ECS?

Both of our daughters have been very grateful for the intentionality of their teachers. They both have also been blessed by the deep friendships that they have been able to establish during their time at ECS.

As parents, what we value the most is not only that our children are receiving a Christian education, but that they have other Christian adults pouring into them and coming alongside them.

In what ways have your children grown since they came to ECS?

During their time at ECS, both of our daughters have come to know Jesus, they have grown in biblical knowledge and they have more of a biblical worldview.

For someone who is considering ECS, what would you want them to know about this school and community?    

We would want them to know that at ECS, they would find a community of like-minded families who love Jesus, cherish the gospel and who desire to see the next generation, not just educated academically, but equipped spiritually to be disciple-makers.