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Meet an ECS Family That Found Their Place at ECS

A Smooth Transition to ECS Middle School

As current sophomore Libby Bourland’s time at Campus Elementary School was coming to an end after her fifth grade year, Blake and Kelly Bourland began their search for a middle school for their daughter to attend.

“Blake had a good experience with private single-sex education growing up (in Memphis), and I had had a good public school experience growing up in Knoxville,” Kelly said. After touring many schools in the Memphis area, Blake said, “We wanted her to have a well-rounded experience with lots of different kinds of opportunities, and we felt that ECS ended up being the best choice for both Libby and our family. ECS was at the top of our list and was at the top of Libby’s list as well.”  

When it came time for the Bourlands to make a decision for Knox, their son who is now in seventh grade, “it wasn’t very hard at all,” Kelly continued, “We had come to love the ECS community and, after Libby’s middle school years, we felt like it was a place where Knox could really thrive. We felt that Libby had been loved and cared for by the teachers here and wanted Knox to benefit from that as well.”

The transition for both Bourland children was very smooth. A current family was matched up with the Bourlands to help them navigate their first year at ECS. Kelly said, “Our original bridge family, the Brinks, were great and welcoming. The teachers have been very accessible. The kids doing sports helped them make friends before the school year started.”

Blake indicated that it helped that both Libby and Knox took advantage of many electives and after-school activities and sports offered. “Libby has done a lot – volleyball, basketball, cross country, Lego league, a couple of different clubs, plays, debate, and she was the varsity softball manager this year. In his first year, Knox has played football, golf, basketball and soccer. He’s enjoyed all of them, and the coaches have been really encouraging both athletically and spiritually.”

The growth the Bourlands have seen in their children since they have been at ECS is significant: “Libby has become more confident and independent, more willing to try new things. She also has grown closer to the Lord and we have seen more selfless attitude from her at home. With Knox, he has thrived in his first year of middle school. We have seen him become much more outgoing and confident.”

Blake and Kelly encourage others to consider ECS.

“The commitment that these teachers have to ensuring growth both spiritually and academically in the kids is something that is unique to ECS,”

Blake said. Kelly added confidently, “…if prospective parents could come to parent-teacher night and listen to the teachers and how much they love the kids and the Lord, parents would be sold on ECS.”

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