Fostering Curiosity and Developing the Whole Child

In Lower School, we have three divisions: Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary. Each division has different goals according to student growth and development in skills and maturity. 

Senior Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Lower Elementary

Senior Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade

Fostering Curiosity and Establishing a Biblical Worldview

As children move from learning to read to reading to learn, reading comprehension becomes paramount. We use structured literacy, a comprehensive approach to literacy instruction which addresses all of the foundational elements critical for reading comprehension. We also understand the importance of a strong phonics program; to that end, we have integrated Orton-Gillingham into our classrooms. Using this method, we are able to capitalize on multi-sensory instruction, thereby meeting the various needs of our students based on their intrinsic learning preferences.

Upper Elementary

Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade

Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills & Group Collaboration 

We aim to cultivate students with the tools to think critically and independently for the rest of their lives. This requires an intentional approach with the goal of understanding rather than mere memorization. In these Upper Elementary grades, students learn to work collaboratively with one another, developing their interpersonal skills and fostering self-discovery.