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Faculty Development

We believe a vigorous academic culture is a living community where students, parents, and faculty grow strong in soul, mind, and body, and they delight in that lifestyle–a place that is alive and enlivens. A vigorous academic culture is a place of passionate activity, not passive inactivity; a place of strong biblical convictions, not weak human clichés; a place where the mind is challenged to pursue wisdom, and a place that motivates growth and stimulates health.

It is the intent that the Faculty Development Program will foster a community that delights in seeking a vigorous academic culture. As the word vigorous denotes, it is active and strong, implying that discipline and effort are required to achieve it. Culture involves a set of shared believes that a community passes down through succeeding generations. Our American culture values individualism, which seeks to separate faith from reason; but ECS desires to reunite the life of the mind and the life of the spirit by creating a vigorous academic culture.

We believe the Faculty Development Program will both challenge and strengthen the ECS faculty in their pursuit of excellence in the classroom and in their roles as Christian mentors for the students of the ECS community. A vigorous academic culture inspires ordinary students and teachers to achieve extraordinary things for the glory of Christ alone.

The teachers at ECS are required to participate in a variety of learning activities including

  • Worldview and Bible classes
  • Annual reading program
  • Philosophy of Christian Education Paper
  • Additional professional growth activities
The ACADEMIC MISSION of Evangelical Christian School is to create a vigorous academic culture that kindles a passion for learning, develops intellectual gifts and cultivates a Christian worldview, so students are prepared for collegiate success and equipped to lead lives of integrity and influence for Christ.