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Enrichment & Electives


ECS believes that opportunities for enrichment should be created throughout the curriculum, as well as beyond lesson time – both in school and outside it. An important feature of enrichment is that it must enhance the curriculum and the student’s general learning experience.


The goal of our Enrichment and Electives Program is to support and enhance the ECS mission and to support a resource-based, real-world, active learning curriculum. We provide leadership in and support of collaborative partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the community.

Learning Experiences

ECS students are exposed to a variety of activities beyond the classroom. Research has shown that it is in creative, service, and team activities that students encounter situations that challenge, excite, and inspire them. Education does not consist of academic endeavors alone; therefore, by providing extensive enrichment opportunities, ECS is able to encourage each student to extend his or her boundaries beyond the ordinary and discover his or her talents wherever they lie. It is by finding one’s place in a community that one is able to develop confidence and strength.


ECS Academic Vision

Lower School


LS Co-Curricular Activities

  • Art 2 the Max
  • ASAP {After School Acting Program}
  • ASAP, Jr. {same as above, but for little ones}
  • Book Club Fun
  • Build Your Own Ukulele
  • Little Chef Academy-Beginner
  • Little Chef Academy-Intermediate
  • Messy Science
  • Mini Medical
  • Outdoor Adventure Club


Students Working in Advanced Technologies

  • Robotics – Works with Robotics Kits to learn the basics of programming and designing
  • 3D Printer – Learns functionality of printer and implementation of basic design elements with 3D Printing
  • Drones – Learns how to operate a drone and learn the intricacies involved to make it work. Also will record videos and take pictures of various school events to be used by our marketing team.
  • Live Streaming – Aid in the execution of the Live Streaming of our School Broadcasts, either managing the software or filming
  • Also SWAT will participate in University of Memphis Engineering Day and other opportunities that arise in the Memphis community. Sponsor Manuel Burton will also forward independent learning opportunities to participants to engage in individually, if they so choose.

Middle School

Middle School Enrichment Opportunities


Art Club - Instructor: Lisa Field - $10/semester           

Students explore more in-depth art projects and get guidance as they work on pieces to enter into contests. Students must commit to working on these projects outside of school to finish the work.


Band - Instructor: Chris Wiggins

Band will meet twice a week for 6th and 7th graders who would like to play an instrument.


Book Club – Instructor: Charleen Davis - $40 for Book & journal - Meets every other Wednesday

100 Days to Brave by Annie Downs concentrates on helping us become confident about our strengths, and courageous in dealing with our lives. Refreshments, t-shirts, games and fun while sharing thoughts and insights.


Bible Study - Instructors: US students; Advisors: Robert Jones & Jen McGillivray

This is a fun time of learning and fellowship with peers in the Upper School. Middle School students are given the opportunity to get advice from older students who have struggled with similar issues.       


Debate Club - Instructor: Nicole W. Vander Zwaag

We will look at how you form and respond to an argument, how to support an argument using evidence and facts, and how to divorce personal belief and emotions from a topic.


Eagle’s Eye Newspaper - Instructor: Nicole W. Vander Zwaag

Students will write articles, conduct interviews and take pictures for a quarterly newspaper.  We will begin with an old-fashioned paper version and then progress to digital media.


Grace Note - Instructor: Julia Brown

Grace Note is an auditioned a cappella ensemble that performs not only for campus events but also in regional a cappella competitions. Auditions are September 4th.


Fit and Fly - Instructors: Haley Springer (Tu & Th) and Amory Sanders (M & F)

Start your day strong by waking up your mind and body in this blood pumping, core building class. Don’t sleep in! Get up and Move!


For the Win! - Instructor: Logan Garrison

For The Win! is for all people that love board and card games of any kind! Chess, Catan, Monopoly, Risk, and more. Weekly prizes and Quarterly tournaments for maximum competition. Are you the ultimate strategist? Come find out!


Lego League - Instructors: Robert Cochran

Engineering and imagination combined! Students use the same Lego pieces they used as kids (this time with engines) and program vehicles to accomplish a set of tasks on a 4x8 foot game board! 


Middle School Jam Session - Instructor: Chris Wiggins

If you play an instrument (any instrument!) this will be the place to share your skills and work together with other musicians to create a cohesive sound. Mr. Wiggins will find your group sound and you will JAM!


World Peace Game - Instructor: Logan Garrison

WPG is a hands-on political simulation that gives players the opportunity to explore the global community through the lens of the economic, social, and environmental crises and the imminent threat of war.


Yearbook - Instructor: Lisa Field

Yearbook Club will meet and learn some basics of making a yearbook. Most of our focus will be on taking and collecting photos of MS activities for the yearbook.                                                            

Upper School

ECS Enrichment Opportunities

The goal of our Enrichment and Electives Program is to support and enhance the ECS mission and to support a resource-based, real-world, active learning curriculum. We provide leadership in and support of collaborative partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the community. ECS students are exposed to a variety of activities beyond the classroom. Research has shown that it is in creative, service, and team activities that students encounter situations that challenge, excite, and inspire them. Education does not consist of academic endeavors alone; therefore, by providing extensive enrichment opportunities, ECS is able to encourage each student to extend his or her boundaries beyond the ordinary and discover his or her talents wherever they lie. It is by finding one’s place in a community that one is able to develop confidence and strength.

Upper School Events/Programs:


Model United Nations: Each fall, the YMCA of Middle Tennessee sponsors a Model United Nations conference.  At the conference, Tennessee high school students learn about the real world operation of the United Nations by participating in a reenactment of the organization’s activities.

Most students form delegations and represent member countries’ interests in the General Assembly by drafting and debating resolutions.  These resolutions cover a wide variety of topics of international concern.  Other students have the opportunity to represent their countries on the security Council, and to participate in the model International Court of Justice.

International Study Tours: International Study Tours are a great opportunity for students to combine an overseas travel and cultural experience with studies focusing on the curriculum and worldview. Study tours emphasize experiential learning and allow students to explore new territories, cultures and people. They combine theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective.

By studying abroad students will:

  • Meet new friends from around the world.
  • Gain new perspectives on things they normally wouldn't have.
  • Improve a foreign language and learn a few things they didn't already know.
  • Learn to be more independent.
  • Immerse themselves in a completely different culture.

ECS offers three Study Tours:

  • Italy
  • Western Europe
  • United Kingdom

Professional Speaker Series: During the first week of January, we invite select professionals to present their career to the junior and senior classes. The purpose is to expose students to different careers and enable them to appreciate the vast amount of choices they will have once they leave school and head to college. Our belief is that God has provided each student with a variety of gifts and abilities. Through the opportunities provided by ECS, students can now discover their gifts and pursue courses and careers to develop those gifts.

Shadowing Program: The Shadowing Program is there to assist ECS students in finding certain occupational field(s) of interest they may want to pursue.  Shadow Partners are ECS parents, alumni and board members that can give a half, or full day, at their work location to host one to two ECS students who have done due diligence by researching and determining an interest in a particular profession.  The goal is to involve as many parents as possible to participate as Shadow Partners so that they have a glimpse of the teachers, doctors, mechanics, lawyers, pilots, veterinarians, and architects, etc. that they will become in the not-so-distant future.

In preparation for the student’s Shadowing Visit, we want to make sure they are completely prepared and equipped to make the most of both the Shadow Partner’s and the student’s time and efforts of the visit.  The student will determine what area of interest he/she wants to pursue and then attend one of our business etiquette classes at school so they are well prepared for the Shadowing Visit.  Afterwards, the student contacts Michelle Brown and she will coordinate the Shadowing Visit with an appropriate Shadow Partner on a mutually agreed upon time.  The student will arrive at the Shadow Partner’s work location with a few questions/goals he/she wants to achieve during the Shadowing Visit. A certificate will be given once all follow-up tasks have been completed.

Youth in Government: The Tennessee YMCA Youth in Government Program is an annual conference designed to offer high school students a hands-on experience with state government.  Each year, over 2500 students from across the state converge on the State Capitol, taking the places of our real government officials.  Program participants can serve as senators or representatives, as justices and lawyers, as department commissioners and lobbyists, or even as press corps members.

ECS Student Clubs and Organizations

Best Buddies

Best Buddies International is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). It is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with IDD. For individuals within this community, Best Buddies helps them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communications skills, and feel valued by society. The IDD community that Best Buddies serves includes, but is not limited to, people with Down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, Williams syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and other undiagnosed disabilities.

The aim of the Best Buddies Chapter at ECS is to spark new friendships and generate genuine happiness among students with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout our community. The chapter presidents (CPs) organize, lead, and maintains our Best Buddies chapter and ensure that the members fulfill the mission of Best Buddies for one academic year.

Bio Life Club

Bio-Life Club is for everyone interested in the world around them and discovering some of God’s awesome creation! We will have some microbiology fun checking out our own cells through microscopes, collecting bacteria and growing bacterial cultures.  We will also add some life to the world by planting flowers, vegetables, and even learning how to plant a tree.   We will discuss our favorite topics in biology, controversial topics in biology, and come up with ideas to serve with the resources we intend to grow like free vegetables for the needy in our community. 

We will meet once a month on the first Wednesday of the month. See you there!

Book Club

Book Club is a group of students who are reading the same book and who meet together to discuss what they’ve read.  Book Club helps students become stronger readers by combining collaborative learning with student centered inquiry.  The whole purpose is for students to read and discuss literature with their peers.  Students will be encouraged to showcase their experience with the literary work for the rest of class.

Debate Club

The ultimate purpose of the debate club is to field a competitive debate team from the student body here at ECS. The secondary purpose though, is to give our student the tools to be able to work through topics in a healthy and respectful way. In debate club, we will look at how you form and respond to an argument, how to support an argument using evidence and facts, and how to divorce personal belief and emotions from a topic. We will do this by practicing and staging debates both on the pro and con side of arguments. My goal is to give our students the tools to respectfully state their opinions and discuss them with other students.

Government Club

(Model United Nations and Youth in Government)

Government Club is part of the Model UN and Youth in Government program.  Students work specifically with the Middle School Model UN and YIG students to create proposals and write position papers.  Members of the club also recruit members to program and lead training sessions for all our middle school members.  The president of the club will chair the Upper School training sessions for both conferences and instruct participants on correct debating procedure.

Key Club

Key Club is a service organization that encourages and tracks student service hours both on and off the campus of ECS.  Some of the service opportunities include assisting teachers during in-service, serving in a Special Olympics bowling league, showing teachers appreciation through treats and encouraging notes, and more.  Key Club is led this year by president Mary Katherine Miller and meets on a monthly basis during activity period to be encouraged by the chaplain’s devotional and to discuss upcoming service opportunities on and off campus.

Knowledge Bowl

The Knowledge Bowl is our school’s academic team, which represents ECS in competitions around the Memphis area.  We usually compete in about 5 tournaments per year, most of which are held on Saturday mornings throughout the school year.  The exception is the Channel 3 TV Tournament, which is usually held on week nights at the Channel 3 studio, but airs on Channel 3 on Saturday mornings at 9 a.m.

Last Year’s team was one of our best, as ECS came in 2nd in the Arlington High School tournament to Channel 3 champion White Station and 4th in the CBHS tournament.  The Eagles also played in the Channel 3 Tournament, falling to traditionally-tough Houston High School in one of the best matches of the tournament. 

Mock Trial

Mock trial is an imitation trial simulating lower court trials (rather than moot court which simulates appellate court hearings).  Students will learn about legal concepts and how to create persuasive arguments.  Students will learn how attorneys prepare for a trial and will practice drafting and delivering effective opening statements, direct examinations, cross-examinations, closing arguments and more.  Our team of students will learn general trial techniques and procedures as well as specific strategies for cases.  Mock Trial team members will play different roles, including trial attorneys, pretrial motion attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs.  This is an exciting introduction to any student interested in learning more about the American legal system.

Mu Alpha Theta

It is the national mathematics high school honor society.  Our chapter is called the Claudia Allender Chapter, in honor of a former ECS math teacher who passed away many years ago.

In order to be chosen for Mu Alpha Theta, a student must have a high grade in all of his or her math classes and be at least a junior.  We are mainly an honor society, but we provide two main areas of service - tutoring for middle school students in math each Wednesday morning in the library from 7:10 - 7:30, and assistance to the middle school with the Math Olympics., which are held every spring.  Occasionally, we may bring in a guest speaker. 

Mu Alpha Theta is a highly-regarded honorary organization, one which recognizes excellence in the area of mathematics.  It is a good thing to have on your college entrance form.  Mu Alpha Theta tries to encourage interest in math, but since it is one of many organizations on campus, we try to keep it in perspective and not let it take up too much of our members’ time.  Dee Baker, Mu Alpha Theta sponsor

Rho Kappa

Rho Kappa is a new and exciting organization that recognizes success in the field of Social Studies: history, economics, government, psychology, geography, and perspectives. The role of Rho Kappa is to promote the study of Social Studies and the activities associated with the values of the Social Studies such as citizenship, appreciation of the past, and a sense of community.

The mission and purpose of this organization is:

  • to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the community.
  • to provide through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community.
  • to encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.

Rho Kappa organization development and direction is overseen by the National Council for the Social Studies and the National Rho Kappa advisory council. Rho Kappa is comprised of chapters made up of juniors and seniors who have taken at least one AP Social Studies course and achieved an A in all high school Social Studies courses. One or more teachers serve as the chapter sponsor.

Each chapter is led by student officers who work with the chapter sponsor. Together they determine and induct new society members as well as plan chapter meetings and activities that engage their particular memberships. All chapters register members with NCSS National office and all agree to abide by the national Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society Constitution.

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is for students who have taken or are taking Spanish in High School.  Spanish Club will meet at least once a month to celebrate holidays that are popular in the Spanish culture.  The fee will be $20 per person, which will pay for a club T-shirt, as well as material/food for our celebrations. 

S.W.A.T. (Students Working to Advance Technology)

This club introduces students to the robotics, drone and 3d printing technologies to enhance their curiosities within this field, The SWAT Club is planning on participation in local engineering events, having professional speakers on campus, and competing in a local robotics tournament.

The International Thespian Society

The International Thespian Society is open to 9-12 graders involved in theatre. The members may attend conferences twice a year. There are 4 meetings a year and an induction of new members in April.

Wilson Society

The Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation honors the legacy of its founders, Kemmons and Dorothy Wilson and builds on their commitment to transform the Greater Memphis community through grant making and programs driven by faith and family leadership. They manage a program they created called The Wilson Society to inspire students to servant leadership and service in their sphere of influence. The Wilson Society includes Servant Leadership Institute (SLI), Key Club, Best Buddies and Streets Ministries.

Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy

Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy educates and equips students to further ECS's mission by thoughtfully engaging our community and the surrounding culture with gospel-driven, self-sacrificing leadership.

The Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy is an organization designed for students to develop leadership skills by participating in a variety of programs. The goal is to have the leaders of all student clubs and organization receive training to empower them to succeed. Critical to this development at ECS is the idea of servant leadership. Students will express the skills that they have honed over the year by taking part and organizing several leadership days.  

Streets Ministries

Street Smart is a one on one literacy training program for 2nd and 3rd graders from Kingsbury Elementary that have been identified by their teachers and reading below grade level. Each Friday we take a caravan of carpools to Streets Ministries at 1302 N. Graham at 3 p.m. and pair up with our students to work on their skills for the week. The students at Kingsbury are being equipped for success in school and life as a result of the work ECS students and other do each week. We usually stop by the Michoacana on the way back to ECS and arrive at school at about 5:30 p.m. 

ECS Student Life

2019 - 2020

Below is the new list for the Student Life program at ECS Upper School. We have a new name and a new excitement for student participation!

Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy – Thompson

  • ECS Club officers will join this national high school leadership program focused on IMPACT THROUGH ACTION. Our students will learn how to impact our local community through service and relationship building.

Government Club – Shorten (Model UN and YIG)

  • Co-Presidents – Laura Beth Baker / Jacob Molher

Knowledge Bowl – Arnwine

  • ECS Team: Robert Gates, Ben Gray, Jacob Mohler, Taylor Tunstall and John Webster

Mock Trial – Salazar

  • President – Jonathan Morris

Debate Club – Davis (Librarian)

Book Club - Davis (Librarian)

BioLife - Barnett

  • President - Joshua Hibbler

Garden Club – Barnett

  • President - Peter Nearn

SWAT / Robotics – Burton

  • President - Davis Bauer

Engineering – Stevens

Spanish Club – Shute

  • President - Laura Beth Baker

Wilson Society – Shorten

  • Co-Presidents – Lindley Clinton / Anna Grace McCarty

Best Buddies – Shorten

  • President - Ainslee Berry
  • Vice President - Jada Deck

Key Club – Little

  • President – Ben Greene
  • Vice President – Lindley Clinton

Streets – Shute

  • Co-Presidents - Jackson Shropshire / Ainslee Berry

LOOP Bible Study for Lower School students and Seniors - (Seniors ONLY)

  • Parent Coordinator - Julie Slater



JUNE 22-JULY 2, 2020

ECS Western Europe trip spots are still open to current 9th-12th grade students! Join Jenny Shorten as well as Head of School Braxton Brady, his wife, and son on this great adventure. Check out the amazing itinerary. Contact Amanda McCarty for more info and to sign up.