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Enrichment & Electives


ECS believes that opportunities for enrichment should be created throughout the curriculum, as well as beyond lesson time – both in school and outside it. An important feature of enrichment is that it must enhance the curriculum and the student’s general learning experience.


The goal of our Enrichment and Electives Program is to support and enhance the ECS mission and to support a resource-based, real-world, active learning curriculum. We provide leadership in and support of collaborative partnerships between students, teachers, parents, and the community.

Learning Experiences

ECS students are exposed to a variety of activities beyond the classroom. Research has shown that it is in creative, service, and team activities that students encounter situations that challenge, excite, and inspire them. Education does not consist of academic endeavors alone; therefore, by providing extensive enrichment opportunities, ECS is able to encourage each student to extend his or her boundaries beyond the ordinary and discover his or her talents wherever they lie. It is by finding one’s place in a community that one is able to develop confidence and strength.


ECS Academic Vision

ECS Student Life

2019 - 2020

Below is the new list for the Student Life program at ECS Upper School. We have a new name and a new excitement for student participation!

Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy – Thompson

  • ECS Club officers will join this national high school leadership program focused on IMPACT THROUGH ACTION. Our students will learn how to impact our local community through service and relationship building.

Government Club – Shorten (Model UN and YIG)

  • Co-Presidents – Laura Beth Baker / Jacob Molher

Knowledge Bowl – Arnwine

  • ECS Team: Robert Gates, Ben Gray, Jacob Mohler, Taylor Tunstall and John Webster

Mock Trial – Salazar

  • President – Jonathan Morris

Debate Club – Davis (Librarian)

Book Club - Davis (Librarian)

BioLife - Barnett

  • President - Joshua Hibbler

Garden Club – Barnett

  • President - Peter Nearn

SWAT / Robotics – Burton

  • President - Davis Bauer

Engineering – Stevens

Spanish Club – Shute

  • President - Laura Beth Baker

Wilson Society – Shorten

  • Co-Presidents – Lindley Clinton / Anna Grace McCarty

Best Buddies – Shorten

  • President - Ainslee Berry
  • Vice President - Jada Deck

Key Club – Little

  • President – Ben Greene
  • Vice President – Lindley Clinton

Streets – Shute

  • Co-Presidents - Jackson Shropshire / Ainslee Berry

LOOP Bible Study for Lower School students and Seniors - (Seniors ONLY)

  • Parent Coordinator - Julie Slater



JUNE 22-JULY 2, 2020

ECS Western Europe trip spots are still open to current 9th-12th grade students! Join Jenny Shorten as well as Head of School Braxton Brady, his wife, and son on this great adventure. Check out the amazing itinerary. Contact Amanda McCarty for more info and to sign up.