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Academic Resource Center


The mission of the Academic Resource Center at ECS is to enhance the academic, social, and spiritual development of all students. Our academic counselors provide support in an effort to maximize student achievement and also serve as an advocate for all students.

School Counseling

  • The counseling department is available to provide academic and behavioral support to all students.
  • The Middle and Upper School Counselors assist students with course selections and provide information pertaining to standardized tests.
  • The College Placement Counselor provides junior and senior parents and students with information related to college admissions, testing, academic counseling, and career counseling.


ECS Academic Support

ECS Academic Support helps maximize academic success and provides focused services for students with learning differences, helping them to meet academic challenges. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) works in partnership with students, faculty, and administrators to create inclusive and sustainable learning environments. The office facilitates access, discourse, and involvement through innovative services, programs, and collaboration.


To qualify to receive any level of support, at least one of the following criteria must be met:

  1. Current psychoeducational evaluation on file
  2. Recommendation from the Child Focused Team (Parent, Teacher, Administrator)
  3. Middle School Only: 2 or more failing grades at mid-quarter
  4. Uncommon drop in grades
  5. More than a 2 stanine drop on achievement test from 2016-2017 to 2017-2018

Access Level

Access level represents a support level for students that ensures the implementation of classroom accommodations but does not require specialized direct instruction from a learning specialist. This level of support is ideal for students who are “on watch” either because they are transitioning from increased levels of supports, or they have a developing need of concern. We consider these accommodations to be best practice for students demonstrating the need for access to the accommodation hierarchy. Access level is free of charge.

All students with a psychoeducational evaluation on file will automatically be placed in the access level with an accommodation plan. This placement begins our documentation process and ensures we are equipped if a need may arise. Students without an evaluation may still enter the access level should they meet another criteria. An action plan will be written for students who do not have an evaluation on file.

Access Level accommodations may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Preferential seating
  • Weekly access to teachers outside of the classroom
  • Presentation of directions in multiple formats (written/verbal)
  • PowerPoints, notes, points of interest (if utilized) provided prior to class
  • Consistent review of student notes by teacher to ensure completion and accuracy
  • Utilization of available technology to accurately record and/or obtain assignments
  • Option for teacher to sign agenda to ensure assignments are copied correctly
  • Resources to support preparation for relevant assessment provided within a reasonable timeframe
  • Extended time on assessments in general education setting, timing, and grouping at the discretion of the teacher (if documentation supports)

Please note that the above accommodations will be implemented in a reasonable manner and at the discretion of the teacher. We desire our teachers to be the experts of the children they teach. Teachers may experiment with new accommodations as well as without an accommodation if in the best interest of the child. However, a child will never be penalized if an attempt fails to support the child in a successful endeavor.

When students demonstrate an increased need or a lack of responsiveness to classroom accommodations, the child focused team will make the recommendation to enroll in a more intensive level of support.

Tier I

Tier I support represents a more intensive approach to accommodations. The classroom accommodations mentioned in the Access Level are assumed in Tier 1. Services will be elected by the individual accommodation. In an effort to provide flexible, appropriate accommodations that meet the needs of the widest variety of learners, we understand that a comprehensive package may not be what every child needs. You may choose as many of the below mentioned accommodations as you feel best serve your child. These services may be provided by the semester or year.

Middle School Parents: Your child may be eligible for Tier 1 support without an evaluation on file. We recognize middle school is often a time when needs become known. As a child demonstrates the need for and success with accommodations, we will recommend the commencement of the evaluation process.

Upper School Parents: For students to be eligible for Tier 1 support, an evaluation needs to be in progress or on file. As students become successful with the implementation of accomodations, it is critical that the documentation exists to support the need so students are set up for success in college. Also, unique to high school, if a student is requesting accommodations, including extended time, on the ACT, the accommodation must be utilized for at least one class during the school year.

Please note, only students with an evaluation on file will be eligible to receive the extended time accommodation.



  • Executive Functioning support - (ex. locker checks, backpack/binder organization)

$100 per semester

$200 per year

  • Assessments taken with extended time in individualized alternate setting, including chunking of test (including semester exams)

$100 per semester

$200 per year

  • Assessments taken in alternate setting (including semester exams)

$100 per semester

$200 per year

  • Upper School only: ACT documentation for students who qualify for accommodations

$100 per semester

Tier 2

Tier 2 support is the most intensive level we offer at ECS. This level of support includes the direct intervention of a learning specialist as well as an intensified system of communication with all members of the team. Tier 2 was created to protect the integrity of our specialized setting as well as the direct service time of our learning specialists. Tier 2 is ideal for students who have had previous years of intensive support or who have been unresponsive to lower levels of support. If you are considering Tier 2 and would like to consult on whether this is or is not the best fit for your child, please reach out to crodriguez@ecseagles.com.

The classroom accommodations mentioned in the Access Level and Tier 1 are assumed in Tier 2.



  • Accommodation Plan
  • Classroom Accommodations
  • Executive Functioning Support - (ex. locker checks, backpack/binder organization)
  • Testing with extended time in alternate setting (including semester exams)
  • Testing in alternate setting (including semester exams)
  • Weekly meeting with learning specialist
  • Semester child-focused team meeting (or more if needed)
  • Formalized documentation of time spent with student
  • Study Hall option in the ARC
  • Upper School only: ACT documentation for students who qualify for extended time

$750 per semester

$1500 per year

If you prefer, you may print this form to sign and submit to the Academic Resource Center, either in person or in email to Amanda McCarty. Charges will be applied to Smart Tuition.