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The ACADEMIC MISSION of Evangelical Christian School is to create a vigorous academic culture that kindles a passion for learning, develops intellectual gifts and cultivates a Christian worldview, so students are prepared for collegiate success and equipped to lead lives of integrity and influence for Christ.

Philosophy of Teaching

We believe our teaching should...

1) Be transferable in multiple contexts.
2) Teach our students the keys to gospel-centered decision making as part of our emphasis on discipleship.
3) Have high expectations of students while developing relationships with them based on mutual respect and trust.
4) Use technology as a vehicle for learning but not as an end goal. 
5) Be student-centered.
6) Have a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds, engaging a variety of learning methods.
7) Foster and model critical, creative thinking and collaboration. 
8) Be marked by consistent communication with students.
9) Allow for flexibility in response to how students are progressing.
10) Provide clarity on biblical truths found in subject matter.

Philosophy of Learning

We believe students should...

1) Be challenged to high standards and seek excellence.
2) View mistakes as an opportunity for growth.
3) Have opportunities to apply their learning to solve real-world problems.
4) Develop perseverance and resilience by taking ownership of their learning.
5) Learn to see and interpret all of life through a gospel-centered lens.
6) Cultivate genuine and authentic relationships with their classmates, teachers and staff.
7) Use technology to analyze, synthesize and apply information, not simply for consumption and entertainment.
8) Set and strive to reach meaningful learning goals.
9) Identify problems as a meaningful step in the process of finding solutions.
10) Use their knowledge as a vehicle to serve others.


Jenny Shorten
Assistant Head of School/Academic Dean

Amanda McCarty
Assistant to Academic Dean

Dona Welch
Academic Counselor

Tina Greene
Director of College Counseling

Alicia Armes
Associate Director of College Counseling

Amory Sanders
Support Services

Priscilla Bland
Support Services

Allison Thetford
Registrar/ARC Admin. Asst.

Karen Andrews
Academic Resource Coordinator

Nicole Vander Zwaag
MS Enrichment Coordinator




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