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ECS Stories

Ashley Colley

Ashley Colley loves teaching at ECS because what she says and does can have eternal value, but also because it can be just plain fun! 

  • Teacher Features
Kathryn Naifeh

Kathryn Naifeh, Bible teacher, loves having the opportunity to disciple and share life with her students at ECS, "to sit with them in their pain and joy, pray for them, encourage them and point them to Christ  through God’s Word."

  • Teacher Features
Bess Farris

According to JK teacher Bess Farris, there is no one "more joy-filled, wide-eyed, and excited about life than a small child." She especially desires to keep her students' sense of wonder alive.

  • Teacher Features
Lisa Bowden

Middle School teacher Lisa Bowden finds it exciting that ECS faculty have the opportunity to teach every subject from a Christian worldview. She considers it "a privilege to partner with parents as ECS seeks to raise Christ-followers for this generation and the next!" 

  • Teacher Features
Jael Smith

Third grade teacher Jael Smith observes, "Every day our students are intentionally fed the Word of God. It is a blessing to be able to enhance a third grade curriculum with the love of the Lord and show how He is a part of all that we learn." 

  • Teacher Features
Haley Springer

Haley Springer is passionate about transferring her love of the game to players while giving them support and knowledge that can carry them throughout life beyond the game. She loves that students see Christ lived out at ECS. 

  • Teacher Features
Marissa Morgan

Spanish teacher Marissa Morgan appreciates that "teachers at ECS see students as people who are valuable and made in the image of their Creator. More than success in the classroom, we desire to see the students grow holistically." 

  • Teacher Features
Molly Monroe

PK teacher Molly Monroe looks forward every day to seeing her little students' sweet smiling faces coming in the morning...they are so excited and ready to learn.

  • Teacher Features
Andy Sisk

As a history teacher, Andy Sisk is passionate about history and the fact that looking at the themes that exist throughout history reveals how we have become the country that we are today.

  • Teacher Features
Gloria Jones

Gloria Jones is passionate about sharing the gospel with her children and students, and she loves that the ECS mission is rooted in biblical truth. 

  • Teacher Features
David Butler

David Butler loves the community within ECS. He reflects, "Relationships are deeper when you love the same Lord."

  • Teacher Features
Laurie Humphreys

Laurie Humphreys is passionate about several things, and they all begin with the letter “F": Faith, Family, Friends, First Grade, Fitness, Fun, and Football! 

  • Teacher Features
Vita Swindell

Vita Swindell deeply appreciates that students at ECS receive "a fully-orbed worldview where no component is absent from their education. They are trained not only academically but emotionally and spiritually." 

  • Teacher Features
Jennifer Fratesi

Among numerous other aspects of life at ECS, Jennifer Fratesi loves that she has "a front-row seat to seeing the Lord work in the lives of the next generation!" 

  • Teacher Features
Chris Wiggins

Chris Wiggins loves working at ECS because, as a teacher, he can have an impact on students' lives. He also values the great work environment in which faculty and staff are an encouraging group of people who support one another and have a common goal of teaching and training students in our subjects and the Gospel. 

  • Teacher Features
Debbie Ellzey

In her first year of teaching at ECS, Debbie Ellzey appreciates that ECS offers the freedom to take risks and explore new ways of doing things as she seeks to meet students’ needs and see them flourish.

  • Teacher Features
Andrew Crowell

ECS alumnus Andrew Crowell is Drum Major for the prestigious University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Marching Band!

  • Alumni Spotlights
Dawn Shute

As a long time Spanish teacher, Dawn Shute "loves seeing students acquire language...it´s such an empowering thing to see them communicate with someone who speaks Spanish."

  • Teacher Features
Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith feels like ECS chose her. She knows without a doubt that God put her here for a purpose.

  • Teacher Features
Pam Culbreth

Pam Culbreth loves everything about teaching. She also believes in the mission of ECS, and she wants to be part of it.

  • Teacher Features
Lindy Murley

Lindy Murley considers it both a responsibility and privilege to prepare her fifth grade students academically and spiritually for Middle School and beyond.

  • Teacher Features
Jeff Payne

First year ECS teacher Jeff Payne (US Business and 7th grade Pre-Algebra) loves spending time with his students...outside the classroom!

  • Teacher Features
Nicole Vander Zwaag Teacher Feature

As the Middle School Enrichment Coordinator, Nicole Vander Zwaag loves working with students as they struggle on tough projects and then seeing them succeed.

  • Teacher Features