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What Is Christian Education? - Part 1

This is a fundamental question that deserves to be re-communicated as we continue on a journey as a Christian school.

What is Christian education? This is a fundamental question that deserves to be re-communicated as we continue on a journey as a Christian school. My hope in doing this is for you is to get a vision for the importance of this educational model that seeks to be centered on Christ and teaches the next generation how to think and learn. Before defining education that is Christian in nature, it is helpful to have a general definition of education. Robert Pazmiño defines the concept of education as "the process of sharing content with persons in the context of their community and society." Education is a lifelong process that takes place in a variety of contexts and situations.

It is necessary to define distinctively Christian education - What is Christian education? There have been men and women much more intelligent and more experienced than I who have defined Christian education. So, instead of me trying to give a definition of Christian education, I thought it would pack more punch if you heard it from the spiritual giants of the modern day Christian education school movement.

  • "Christian education is the deliberate, systematic, and sustained divine and human effort to share or appropriate the knowledge, values, attitudes, skills, sensitivities, and behaviors that comprise or are consistent with the Christian faith. It fosters the change, renewal, and reformation of persons, groups, and structures by the power of the Holy Spirit to conform to the revealed will of God expressed in the Scriptures and preeminently in the person of Jesus Christ, as well as any outcomes of that effort." -My personal favorite! - Robert Pazmiño in Foundational Issues in Christian Education

  • "Education ought to broaden a man or woman, to keep him from getting into the narrow rut of any one aptitude or activity... Christianity is, indeed, a way of life; but it it a way of life founded upon a system of truth. The system of truth is the most comprehensive; it clashes with the opposing systems at a thousand points. The Christian life cannot be lived on the basis of anti-Christian thought. Hence the necessity of the Christian school." - J. Gresham Machen in Education, Christianity, and the State

  • "Christian schooling is the formal pedagogical instruction of children that manifests the principles of biblical Christian doctrine through both teaching and living." -Bruce Lockerbie in A Passion for Learning: A History of Christian Thought on Education

The heart of ECS is to provide the Christian family a Christ-centered, biblically-directed education that challenges students to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, leadership and service to others (our mission statement). Other than the local church, I can think of no greater work to devote time and resources to than the training of the next generation. We need you to commit time and resources to this school. God does not call Christian schools to be average, or even good; God calls us to do everything with excellence.