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"I Got Nothin'"

Sometimes "we have nothin'" as parents to encourage our kids, but we can pray and ask God to meet our kids were they are.

Last weekend, I took my three daughters to a Dads and Dolls weekend at Pine Cove Camp in Texas. As I was trying to leave town on Friday, I was thinking to myself "Is this worth it?" You have been there . . . You have something scheduled and you know it will be great, but you are incredibly busy. It takes a significant amount of work to leave town.

The weekend was incredible. We camped in a tent under the stars, rode a hayless hayride, painted toenails and fingernails, roasted marshmellows for s'mores, played pickleball, rode horses, conquered zip lining, and laughed a lot. We spent time together. The highlight for me was being with my girls under the stars on the hayride.

Another epic moment was with my daughter, Grace, on the zip line. You see, this is the third year we have been to this special weekend. Grace has gone each year, and attempted the zip line, but has not done it because of fear. She began saying before the trip that she was glad I had not forced her to do it. Two years ago, I went with my friend, Duke Cowden, and Grace attempted the zip line. We were suspended 40 feet off the ground ready to zip when fear set in for Grace. My friend Duke was below with his daughter watching and listening to us. I went through a litany of responses to encourage her: "You can do it." "Trust me." "Dad is here with you." "Don't let your fear paralyze you." "Look into my eyes and go for it." "I am proud of you now step out in faith." "You will have other things in life you are afraid of but you can't let fear defeat you." Finally, after about 10 minutes of us being suspended 40 feet off the ground, I looked at my friend, Duke, and said, "Can you help me? Do you have anything to say?" He said laughingly, "I got nothin'." It was a lighthearted moment, but it helped me realize that Grace needed to conquer the fear intrinsically.

Sometimes "we have nothin'" as parents to encourage our kids, but we can pray and ask God to meet our kids were they are. Whether it be zip line, college entrance testing, interview for graduate school, school speech, or facing a difficult social situation, just being there to encourage them to trust in the Lord with all their heart and not lean on their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6) is what is needed.

It is always worth spending quality time with your child(ren). The more quantity time you spend will inevitably equate into more quality time. The fact is they have a Heavenly Father who desires to spend time with them. He can help them conquer their fear when "they got nothin'!"