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Christian Education as Discipleship

Christian education as discipleship.

I have been seeking to share a robust vision of Christian education because there are many counterfeits that exist. The first week I shared some definitions of Christian education from various authors. Last week, I shared what Christian education is NOT. It is not a salt and pepper approach, protection at all costs, preparing the path for the child, legalism, or less excellent.

This week I want to unpack Christian education as discipleship. Our school vision is ECS will be the choice for PreK-12 Christian discipleship schooling for families in the greater Memphis area seeking academic excellence. A vision statement is our aspirations of what could be, while our mission statement is a declarative statement of focused and steadfast pursuit.

How is ECS a Christian discipleship school? Our school seeks to be an extension of the home and the church. Students will spend many hours being shaped and formed by relationships at school. All the things we do as a school are purposed toward platforms of discipleship. Discipleship is both organized and organic. It happens in pattern and through the unexpected. Sometimes it occurs with the student who is not being diligent turning in homework, a sports team who just lost on a last second shot, or a trumpet player who made a mistake in a concert. In the cadence and rhythm of school life, there are multiple opportunities to shepherd and disciple.

I encourage you to listen to our Equip podcast on "Discipleship in the Home" featuring Dr. Kennon Vaughn, President of Downline Ministries and Lead Pastor of Harvest Church. One of the questions we tackle is – what is the role of the school in relation to the church and the home? ECS is serious and purposed on gospel-centered discipleship which is unique for Memphis-area schools.