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Academics that inspire. Legacies that endure. (Part II)
Academics that inspire. Legacies that endure. (Part II)

Let me paint of picture for you of what we mean by - Academics that inspire.

Last week, I began a conversation about the importance of being able to articulate the central question – Why ECS? As part of Vision 20|20, ECS released a positioning line – Academics that inspire. Legacies that endure. It is my intent to paint of picture for you of what we mean by the first part of this positioning line - Academics that inspire.

The word academics is intended to summarize everything that our school aims to accomplish, not just the subjects we teach and classes students take. The word is much broader in scope than this. In essence, academics means the entirety of the educational enterprise. It includes the art class room, theatrical stage, chemistry experiments, Spanish class, Loop Bible study, football locker room, etc . . . Everything we intend to do as a school is academics, and we want to develop the vision and practice of excellence in this arena as part of our mission as a school.

Inspire . . . Now this is a word that captivates my attention and causes me to question and think deeply. Inspiration is an endless pursuit. To inspire means to fill someone with an impulse to do something creative and substantial. Imagine an environment where students are engaged in inspirational discovery that carries over into a lifetime of learning and creating. Truly, for the Christian educator, this is a redemptive activity that seeks to give God honor and glory due His name. This is our aim with academics.

In response to pursuing academics that inspire, we held Reformation Day last week purposed to make the learning come alive. Our entire student body gathered on our Shelby Farms campus to learn about Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenburg, Germany, on October 31, 1517. Students also learned about the context and time period of the sixteenth century – printing press, jousting, knight school, social etiquette, scientific revolution, The Globe Theatre, etc. I believe the students will remember this day forever as our faculty and staff team brought learning to life. One of the ways we stand out as a school is that we seek to pursue and enjoy an academic environment that is inspirational. This is what is meant by Academics that inspire . . .