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Abound . . .
Abound . . .

I am thrilled with the direction ECS is headed. The theme for this school year is - Abound.

I am thrilled with the direction ECS is headed. The theme for this school year is - Abound. The word comes straight from Romans 15:13 which states, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." The context of this verse follows four Old Testament references to the people of God worshipping God. Romans 15:13 is filled with powerful words – hope, joy, and peace – that are byproducts of believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the primary purpose of our mission as a school. Our desire is for our students to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a deep and life-changing way. Our very name Evangelical Christian School comes from the Greek word, evangelion, the good news message, the gospel!

There are many exciting things happening at ECS right now! ECS will always be driven by our mission, and the focal point of that mission is Christ and families. There are some incredibly dynamic and gifted new faculty and staff onboarding with us that will be focused on that mission. The excitement is almost palpable. If you come to one of our campuses, you will get a sense of the energy. The future is bright!

Wherever you are in life, whether in a joy-filled stage or intense difficulty, I pray that you will abound in hope!

The 2017-2018 Theme art was designed and created by ECS Artist in Residence/Art Department Chair David Butler who explained the background and thought process behind it (below artwork).

When I looked at the verse, I looked at the nouns...Joy, peace, hope...I was drawn to the idea of Hope. There is a painting by George Frederick Watts called Hope that shows a blind person listening to a harp with only one string. It reminded me that hope is blind or often unseen. Abound - reminded me of teeming... as in Genesis that God made the bodies of waters teem with fish. I used braille patterns to spell hope on the water that the fish are swimming in - they can't see the water, but it is necessary for life and abundance. The fish food (looks like bubbles) spelsl "joy" and "peace" in braille as well. So God is filling the fish with joy and peace as they abound in hope (water). . . . -David Butler, Artist in Residence