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A Perplexing Question . . .

The ECS mission is lofty, purposeful, and centered on knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Last week, I was tucking one of my daughters in at bedtime, and she asked me a profound and perplexing question . . . "Daddy, if we lived in Memphis and ECS did not exist, where would you put us in school?"

At first, I was surprised by the question, and then I thought I would have an easy answer. I fumbled over my words, and stated what every parent has said at one point or another to their child(ren), "Let me get back to you." SSSSHHHHHHH! For me, this is code for – let me talk to my wife! I went downstairs and told Brooke about the question. The question intrigued her as well. It was a question that centered, recalibrated, and convicted both of us. In my role, I have a unique perspective into the independent school landscape in Memphis. There is no other place I would want my kids to be than at ECS. If ECS did not exist, I still do not have a definitive answer on where I would want my child(ren) to be educated K-12. The formation of the heart and mind is weighty, and for my wife and I we desire for our children to have a Christian education purposed towards discipleship and academic excellence.

It goes back to the committed faculty and staff we have dedicated to the mission of the school. Every day, I am committed to serve, protect, and advance the mission of ECS, which states:

The mission of Evangelical Christian School is to provide the Christian family a Christ-centered, biblically-directed education that challenges students to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to develop the vision and practice of excellence in academics, character, leadership and service to others.

This mission is lofty, purposeful, and centered on knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. So I guess the answer to my daughter's question would be . . . let's go start a school like ECS!

I hope each of you has a wonderful Resurrection weekend!