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EQUIP Podcasts Address Pertinent Questions
EQUIP Podcasts Address Pertinent Questions

ECS is launching EQUIP, a weekly podcast for K-12 Christian educators and parents.


ECS is launching EQUIP, a weekly podcast for K-12 Christian educators and parents. The vision and objective of this podcast is to equip our K-12 school community to think and teach in light of a Christian worldview. We will cover a host of issues purposed to scratch where our parents and teachers are itching. Our hope is to converse about some of their most pressing questions. We will address a variety of topics from social media usage to what to say to a football team after a tough loss to how to teach students about molding pottery and how that applies to our faith. The format will not be monological, but conversational. Dr. Dan Peterson, Head of School, will be interviewing guest parents and teachers to think deeply and biblically about the topic at hand. We have incredible men and women in our community that have the ability to give voice and wisdom on a variety of topics related to K-12 Christian education, discipleship and parenting.


· What is a podcast? A podcast is a digital form of media that includes a regular episode in the form of audio or video. One can use any mobile device to download or stream a podcast.

· Why a podcast? As a leader, Dr. Peterson's role is to serve, protect, and advance the mission of ECS. Using the educational medium of an episodic podcast focused on why we exist as a school will be a useful communication tool. In the past, our purpose may have been communicated by holding a parent meeting and bringing in a speaker. In this 21st century context, digitized forms of media are now accessible to our mobile culture.

· How to subscribe to EQUIP? If you would like to subscribe to Equip, go to iTunes at the following link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/equip/id1077182413?mt=2

Link to the EQUIP website: http://www.ecsequip.com