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Texas or Memphis Bar-B-Q???

Dr. Peterson was confronted by an important question from our ECS community! Texas or Memphis Bar-B-Q?

Texas or Memphis Bar-B-Q???

By Dan Peterson

Still being relatively new to ECS, I am trying to be intentional about listening to and learning from our community. Early in my tenure, I had the great pleasure of speaking to many different groups. When I would talk to parents, students, or teachers, I would allow them to ask me three questions. I would give a boundary by saying something like . . . I have the right to say “No comment.”

Mr. Luketic, Mrs. Edge, and I about to enjoy some Bar-B-Q Shop!
Mr. Luketic, Mrs. Edge, and I about to enjoy some Bar-B-Q Shop!

One question that came my way was good in that it stumped me for a bit. The question was: Which Bar-B-Q do you like better, Memphis or Texas? My first reaction was that I had not eaten at enough places in Memphis to give it a fair assessment at that juncture. I responded that Memphis has the best pulled pork and Texas has the best brisket. Since that time, I have had the privilege of eating at some of the finest BBQ eateries in Memphis. I have tasted the culinary delights of The Bar-B-Q Shop, Germantown Commissary, Corky’s Bar-B-Q, Morris, Top’s Bar-B-Q, Central BBQ, and Jim ‘N Nicks Bar-B-Q. I can feel myself gaining weight as I type!

My response at the time of the question was that I liked Memphis pulled pork better and I liked Texas brisket better. Honestly, this is still a fair assessment after having been here for a few months and enjoyed great Bar-B-Q in Memphis. If you are ever in Texas, I would encourage you to try the brisket at The Salt Lick, Franklin Barbeque, tiles Switch BBQ, Stubb’s BBQ, Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ, Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ, and Blacks BBQ. My advice - Never leave the Lone Star state without trying some brisket.

Ultimately, our family feels so blessed to be here regardless of the scrumptious BBQ or how it compares to Austin. This town has so much to offer. Memphis has a rich and interesting culture and history. I know there are great days ahead for this city and for ECS!

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