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The Big Picture of Educational Fruit

From Head of School Dr. Dan Peterson:

I will begin writing articles to our community in an effort for you to hear from my heart. The articles will be a variety of topics ranging from culture, theology, ethics, education, and personal. They will be posted here in this news list and in The Link - Stay Connected broadcast email that is sent out on a weekly basis. Here we go . . .

From Head of School Dr. Dan Peterson:

As I begin to write to our community, I want you to know that one of my foundational beliefs as a Christian leader serving in education is that the teacher is the greatest asset of a school. As part of my onboarding strategy, I felt the need for the ECS faculty and staff team to read Teaching to Change Lives by Howard Hendricks this summer. This week I want to give you one of my key “take-aways” from this book.

“What is important is not what you do as a teacher, but what the learners do as a result of what you do.” –Howard Hendricks in Teaching to Change Lives

This is a paradigm shifting statement. In other words, it turned my world upside down a bit on what I thought was good pedagogy. The teacher has the most fantastic opportunity to influence and inspire the learner on a daily basis. Essentially, teachers are working with the future each and every day. They make both small and big deposits into the lives of the students that they are blessed to teach. The statement above delivered by Hendricks begins with the end in mind. How will the students be affected by what a teacher does? What will the teacher lead the student to do? What is the fruit or the by-product of the effective teacher? Keeping the end in mind is critical to what we do in the present. This is where the rubber hits the road. This is the big picture of educational fruit!