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Jael Smith

3rd Grade

Kelly Smith

Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Theatre Production, Video Production

Jodie South

Early Childhood Coordinator

Gracie Stevenson

Spanish, Librarian

Kyle Story

US Social Studies

Dee Stubblefield

8th Grade Team Leader, English/Literature

Vita Swindell

Learning Specialist, PACE Teacher

Lisa Taber

Physics, Honors Physics, Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach

Mindy Tansey

Attendance Secretary

Trisha Taylor

Senior Kindergarten

Maria Thomas


Jordan Thompson

World History, World Geography

Wendell Thompson

Financial Reporting Manager

Paula Threlkeld


Terry Tippett

Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

Laura Todd

Senior Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Janis Trammell

Administrative Assistant

Brandon Tucker

Intro to College Algebra, Pre-Calculus Honors, AP Calculus

Tammy Umlauf


Paul Vander Zwaag

Science Department Chair; Chemistry/Honors Chemistry

Scott Vogel

Economics, Personal Finance, Asst. Varsity Football Coach

Shawn Weaver

Accounting Assistant

Jack Webb

6th Grade Bible/World History

Dona Welch

Academic Counselor

Adrienne Whaley

Anita White

Teacher Assistant

Carolyn White


Christopher Wiggins

US/MS Band

Jennifer Wilkinson

Head Cheer Coach

Duke Williams

Grounds Supervisor (athletics), Varsity Baseball Coach

Rachel Young

Shelby Farms Librarian

Sarah Young

Admissions/Administrative Coordinator
< 1 2 3 4 showing 97 - 128 of 128 constituents