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Partnering with Parents.

Success begins with a great partnership.

The partnership between the school and the home lays the foundation upon which we build our students for life. Practically speaking, children spend more time each week with their teachers and coaches than they spend with their own parents. It is no wonder that so many parents partner with ECS to ensure that godly men and women will teach their children the truths they value and model how to live an authentic Christian life in today’s world.

Building for Life.

Building for life means more than preparing each child for the next grade, or even acceptance to his or her dream college, which we aim to help them accomplish as well. It is bigger than that. For ECS, it means teaching the whole child – academically, athletically, creatively, socially and spiritually – and equipping each of our students through intentional discipleship to become godly leaders in their homes, churches, careers and communities.  

As we strive to continue Partnering with Parents, ECS offers an ongoing speakers series to the community. Our EQUIP podcast has featured interviews with some of these notable men and women. Listen to a few examples of these episodes:  

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